About us...


The idea

Laptop computers have been designed to be used on the go.


Inside or outside, laptop could be use anywhere.


But while on move or in narrow space, most people couldn't use them as they should. Why ?


Mostly because the track-pad is one of the worst pointing device ever.


Did you try to play FPS or RTS games using it ?

Did you try to do some heavy works with a spreadsheet with it ?

Did you try to use your favorite 3D modeler or drawing software with it ?


Most people use their laptop at home on a desk without the track-pad... but while on the go, in a train or in subway, seating on the grass, or lean on a tree, on the beach or in a bus stop, at home on a sofa and in a lot of other locations, the only actual solution is the track-pad due to the lack of space or the impossibility to use a mouse...


For years, we have used homemade pad, design to be use on the move or in narrow space.


At the beginning of 2015, we contact a major mouse pad company to ask them if they have a product that can be use On The Go, like a mini mouse pad for the space right to the track-pad..., because we would like a AAA grade product.

As we receive a fast elusive answer, we decide to start our own company, PLAND-LAC and be the first to produce mouse pad for laptop.


As it's a new object, for a new and particular use, it deserve to have a name, so for the future, a mouse pad for laptop will be named a Pland (/plænd/), please spread the word !


If you see the same type of product without our logo, you will know it's a clone.


The PLAND-LAC team.



We are french and we are 3 brothers, Nico, Max and Lino :-)


Nico is computer addict since mid 80's and he convince his brothers to join him in this journey !


His favorite words are "If we can put a man on the moon, so why cannot we do this ?"...


We have a lot of other ideas, never seen or just dreamed, help us to materialize them.

Legal mentions

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale
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Shipping cost information

Depending of your country, delivery time can be between 3 and 20 days.

Tolls, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments.

Tips & Notices


  • Use the pad in your bag as additional protection for one side of your laptop.
  • You can roll it (with logo/tissue on the exterior) for additional laptop protection in your bag if needed.
  • We recommend wireless mouse for better experience.
  • If you are not sure, better take the lower size...
  • GS is made for the 13.3 inch and 14 inch laptop, GM is the perfect match the 15.6 inch and GL is sized for the 17 inch and above...
  • DS is great for 14 and 15.6 inch laptop, DM love the 17 inch laptop and DL is really fine with 18 inch laptop (and bigger)...
  • You can still use your Pland mouse pad on a desk !
  • The working model can also be use as a wrist rests band while typing.
  • Don't forget to disable your trackpad while using Pland mouse pad.


  • Not suitable for laptop with mechanic keyboard.
  • May Not be suitable for laptop without palm rest.
  • Thickness may increase up to 0.3 millimeters due to the mat relaxation.
  • Edges soften over the use.
  • We limit packaging and printing to reduce waste.
  • Please follow your local recycling rules for the product and the package.
  • You can use the pad as screen duster, be gentle (We are not responsible if you don't break your screen).
  • After water washing, don't place it under sun exposure.
  • Don't expose to fire nor intensive heat.
  • Our pads are the final prototypes before real mass production, they were build with the same quality as a AAA grade products but depending of your remarks and comments, some part of them may be adjusted.
  • In a near future, we may have a complete Mac serie and a new size (XS) for less than 14 inch laptop. Also, custom color, custom size and custom background are under consideration.

Comments and Feedbacks

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